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Montenegro is a small but incredibly diverse country in the Balkans on the Adriatic Sea.

At just under 14,000 km², it is slightly smaller than Schleswig-Holstein.
However, at 622,000, Montenegro has less than a quarter of the population.
Montenegro is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, its rocky coasts, the largest canyon in Europe, the Bay of Kotor, the only fjord in the entire Mediterranean, its safe ski resorts at well over 2,000 meters above sea level, ….!

Pierre Brice and Lex Barker also rode through Montenegro in the 1960s for the Karl May films!
Who doesn’t know and love the movies and landscapes?

People who value a healthy diet that goes beyond factory farming and fish farming, excessive fertilization and chemical treatment of fruit and vegetables will find themselves here.

Montenegro is not in the EU and is highly unlikely to join, as was originally planned.
Nevertheless, the national currency is the euro. Around 25 – 30% of the locals speak German, which is due to the German tourists from the 1960s to 1990s. For this reason, German citizens are not only still welcome here, but very welcome again, just as the Montenegrins would like to have the D-Mark back as their currency!

The people in Montenegro are incredibly friendly, open-minded and possess a healthy patriotism that they do not allow to be taken away from them.

Immobilien Montenegro

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We will accompany you on the way to your new home and a new home!

27 years of experience in new construction and renovation of old buildings, versatile contacts to developers, municipalities and private individuals on site, enable us to accompany people from German-speaking countries who want to emigrate or buy a vacation home with our service.

Assistance with travel, airport pick-up, hotel booking, assistance with property search, property viewings, one-day tour of the surrounding area, legal advice. We provide legal assistance for all formalities, residence permits, notary contracts and moving in and out.

In addition, here in Montenegro we connect German emigrants to a community with the aim of joint activities, self-sufficiency with organic food, self-help through exchange, …

It is just as important to us that we have a variety of positive contacts with the Montenegrins, because we are guests here!

For anyone who has not yet had contact with Montenegro, the people here are incredibly friendly and open to people from German-speaking countries!

Here’s to hopefully getting to know you soon in Montenegro

Marco Dyhr

from Future Montenegro


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